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The Team:




Stuart Poltrock
Creative Director
Stuart has a background rich in film, music, and audio production.  A Michigan State University graduate he worked for seven years on the set and post-production studios of Motion Picture Makers, Inc.

From a musical family, he is also a pianist and performs in bands with good friends, enjoys sailing, SCUBA, travel, and spending time with his wife, son, and daughter.

Larry McKay
Head Engineer
Larry is a graduate of Full Sail University.   He worked at Studio Chicago with local and major recording artists (Anthrax, Believe You Me, Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, etc.)  and at various studios around the country.   When he isn't digging into Pro Tools you can find him teching musical equipment for On Stage Services.  Other than reading the latest Tape-Op Magazine Larry enjoys playing guitar, mandolin, and rooting for his beloved Cubs.


ISDN & Source Connect:
Sound Post provides the best voice talent the world has to offer - in real time and digital quality.  At Sound Post we connect to voice talent from LA, New York, and Kalamazoo, to British Columbia, Ontario, England, Israel, and more.

ISDN: 616.301.3020  | 616.301.3021  Source Connect: soundpost


Video Format:
The flavor of QT video preferred is DV-NTSC encoded at 48kHz with audio reference including countdown and two pop. There's nothing like hearing those 2-frame 1k tones beeping in phase to let us know that all's well in the world of synchronization.  The preferred OMF file export paramenters include the correct frame rate, sync tones, and at least five-second handles.   Call ahead to discuss your picture's specs.   (616) 940-8686.


Started in 1984 as "Pandemic Music" by symphony musicians Fred Baker and Bill Vits, and acquiring "Steele Productions" in 1989, this company has always been about professional audio.  In 1994 Stuart Poltrock built the current studios in Grand Rapids, MI.  Sound Post has produced thousands of projects heard around the world.