6806 Old 28th St. SE | Grand Rapids, MI 49546
Phone: 616.940.8686 | Fax: 616.940.9846
ISDN: 616.301.3020  | 616.301.3021
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We collaborate with design firms and ad agencies to tackle projects for clients ranging from non-profit organizations to Fortune 500 companies. Our participation includes any combination of writing, proofing, and audio production. In every instance, we strive to integrate smoothly and efficiently into the production process already in place. We value our position as part of a larger team, and we work to ensure that what we do contributes to the success of the project as a whole.


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Sound Post Recording Studios
6806 Old 28th St.
Grand Rapids MI, 49546
p: 616.940.8686
f: 616.940.9846

ISDN:616.301.3020 & 616.301.3021
Source Connect: soundpost
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Skype: SoundPostUSA