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Audio production is a balance of art, science, talent and skill - and we love it.  Many of our projects arrive with no sound at all.  We cast and produce the narration; write & produce the music (or draw from our extensive music library); add and create sound effects; and mix and deliver the final production.  Our Goal?   Happy Clients.


Creative Sound:
Duke Ellington said it well: "If it sounds good, it is good."

Film directors say that sound makes up to 75% of the motion picture experience.

One of the most important things you can do when making a film is to ensure you have great sound.


Creative Music For Brands:
Happy Clients - The Sound Post  team has produced many award-winning music and sound tracks that have been heard around the world.




Creative Music For Artists:
Satisfying music production is a collaborative effort.
Happiness is only real when shared.

At Sound Post we're team players.  We seek, find, and attract talented musicians, artists, writers, voices, and producers.


A World of Voices:
Sound Post provides translated voice recordings in a growing list of languages - with a network of native-speaking 'in country' professional voice talent.  Need to have your script translated? We can help with that too.


A La Carte:
• Audio Production
• Sound For TV & Radio
• Sound For Film 
• Original Music Composition 
• Mixing & Mastering, 5:1 
• Voice Casting & ADR 
• Sound Design 
• Location Recording
• Translations 
• ISDN & Source Connect 
• Audio Restoration
•Location sound recording